Amy gets her makeover: Dr Fauziah

Amy before her makeover

Amy searched the web for ways to close the gap between her teeth and stumbled on our blog.

Like many young ladies, Amy did not really want to have braces done as the treatment takes so long and the thought of having brackets on her teeth was not something she wanted.

When she first walked in she smiled shyly and asked, “Can the gap be closed? Will it take a long time?”

Those questions are the most typical ones we hear so I smiled and reassured her, “It’s easy, Amy … you’ll walk out of here a different person, I promise!”

I couldn’t resist saying, “You forgot to ask another question! Is the procedure painful!” We both laughed.

Just 45 minutes later!

“… the good news is it was not at all painful because we prepare the teeth only very lightly. In fact the whole procedure did not need injections and would take less than 45 minutes.” I told the relieved Amy.

As we worked I reminded Amy that we would be doing composite veneers on 4 of her front teeth to balance out the smile. Amy nodded as she had already read previous posts on our blog and understood that to get a really nice smile, we usually needed to do her four front teeth.

It was easy indeed and when Amy saw the results, she was even happier … her teeth looked whiter too!

Lyn prepared her Makeover Album with the “Before” and “After” photos for her. “Is this for me?” she asked as Lyn gave it to her. “Yes, you look so different and we understand it’s a big step for you so this is a keepsake as a gift from us.”

Was Amy pleased do you think? She sure was! 😉

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Thines kathan
Thines kathan
7 years ago

The same problem like in the pic above. Need to close the gap between front two teeth