Odah and Herman’s wise choice: Dr.Kayethri

Odah before

Mr.Herman and his wife Odah live in Tawau, Sabah. Both are teachers in Tawau. They found our blog and decided to pay us a visit. Last week they were down in Kuala Lumpur to send off Odah’s father for Haj, thus made an appointment in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah Menara Raja Laut.

Odah, mother of four, was concerned of the discolouration and ‘patches’ of old fillings she had on her front teeth. She had a few fillings which needed replacement and her teeth shape was uneven. Since Odah had read in our blog about composite veneers, she asked if it can be used to improve how her teeth looked. I ensured her that it can be done in a breeze!

All she had to do were 4 composite veneers for her upper front teeth and another 4 for her lower fronts. Odah was thrilled!

Odah after

The veneers were done in no time, and while the process was taking place Mr.Herman was waiting patiently, once in a while taking a peek how she was progressing. He seemed very eager waiting for his turn.. hahaha!

The final touches were done and the mirror was handed over to Odah. She was smilling happily at the mirror and quickly got off the chair to let Herman take his place.

Herman before

Herman was very shy to smile. This is because unlike Odah, Herman had gaps on his upper and lower teeth. Herman was concerned that the gap on his upper teeth would be difficult to close as it was big. I assured him it can be done, and the final result will look natural. Herman gave the green light to proceed. He needed 4 veneers for his upper teeth and 5 veneers for his lower.

It took me about an hour to finish up with his upper and lower veneers. I handed over the mirror for Herman to see his ‘new’ look. Herman was suprised to see all the gaps closed and how natural they looked. “It looks very nice and the teeth don’t look big” said Odah to Herman.

Herman couldn’t stop ‘feeling’ his teeth with his tongue as he said they felt weird. “I feel weird” Herman said. “Yes Mr.Herman, but the feeling is very temporary since the veneers are still new. You

won’t feel it anymore after a few days” I assured him.

Herman after

The couple thanked us and bid farewell. They were heading to Odah’s sister’s place and then for some sight-seeing around KL with the family.

I reminded Herman and Odah not to hesitate to smile wide to ‘show off’ their new smile.

Smile wide Odah and Herman! Until we meet again. 🙂

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