Bachtiar Finally Gets His New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Bachtiar smiling awkwardly before the makeover

Bachtiar is a very, very busy business man. He travels extensively throughout Asia as he has several companies. In fact when he walked into the clinic this morning, he told me he had to catch a plane to Indonesia later on in the day.

His wife had her makeover done with us three years ago in 2010.

“She is so happy with her new smile that she has been bugging me to come in to see you but I have been so busy!” he said as he settled into the dental chair. “I must admit, part of the reason why I have been delaying this is also because I am afraid of dentists!” He laughed nervously.

I smiled. “I’m sure your wife told you that it was going to be absolutely painless.” He nodded but asked anyway, “It really won’t hurt right? I trust you as my wife says it will be okay so do whatever you can!”

With that he sat back and I started the examination.

Bachtiar had a rather large gap in his lower teeth too

I told him that closing the gaps was going to be really easy … and as an added bonus as I was going to do his entire smile line, I would be choosing to use a lighter colour. This meant that he would have not only a perfect smile but a brighter one too.

Bachtiar agreed to my treatment plan. “I also need a few fillings so do everything!”

I smiled … this happens ever so often. So many patients start out nervous but when they make up their minds to get the makeover, they thankfully let us do our job … not just make them look good but the ever to important job of making sure their entire dentition (I mean their teeth!;) ) are taken care of too.

I was so excited … Bachtiar was going to be in for a very pleasant surprise!

But first I needed to take the ‘Before” photos … “Oh, I do so hate taking photos of my smiling!” Bachtiar said as he awkwardly smiled for the camera.

A very pleased Bachtiar

“I understand,” I said “but we need to do this so you can really see the difference.”

And so I started with his upper teeth and checked in with him.

“Everything okay?” He gave me a thumbs up and said, “No problem, in fact I’m enjoying the conversation!”

I was talking to Bachtiar as I worked about Batam and Acheh in Indonesia and encouraging him to take up diving since he travels there so often.

We completed his makeover in a little more than an hour.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you look incredibly like Anwar Ibrahim?” I just had to ask Bachtiar.

“Yes,” he laughed. “Whenever I travel to Indonesia, they start asking me about Malaysian politics and I always laugh and say I have nothing to do with politics though I do look like Anwar Ibrahim … some even think I must be his younger brother!”

No gaps!!

“Well, now that your makeover is done, you look even more like him!” I said as I passed the mirror to Bachtiar.

Bachtiar’s eyes widened as he looked at his smile for the first time. “I look so different! This is just so amazing” he said with a wide, wide smile.

“I should have done this years ago.” He added as he sent a MMS of himself to his wife.

I laughed as I told him “You know, that is exactly what most patients say when they see their makeover for the first time.”

This time when we took his “After” photos for the Makeover Album, Bachtiar had no problem smiling for the camera! 😉

As he left I said, “I have only one request … make sure you smile a lot on your trip to Indonesia!”

I don’t think I needed to make the request … Bachtiar was already smiling as he left the clinic!

I love my job … I make people happy!

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10 years ago

Thanks for the great job (what’s new?) u did on my hub’s smile. Believe it or not I will only get to see his new smile on this coming Saturday for less than 24 hrs before he’s flying again on Sunday! After the makeover done I was in China and he’s off to Vietnam on d day I landed…pfffttt