Interesting Quick-fix: Dr.Kayethri

Mr.Sufian before

Mrs.Sufian and her daughters are my regular patients. In fact, his daughter got her makeover done first before him :).

Mr.Sufian is a high ranked officer in a government department. His lovely wife on the other hand is in the private sector. Mrs.Sufian is a very concerned mother and wife. She always wanted her family to have the best set of teeth, thus brings them for check-ups and treatments regularly.

Mr.Sufian was brought in by his wife for a regular check-up. It was then she asked me if her hubby’s smile can be improved. Mr.Sufian on the other hand, did not agree that he had anything about his smile which needs to be improved :). It was interesting how both husband and wife disagreed on a matter but finally agreed to get something done about Mr.Sufian’s teeth.

What Mr.Sufian had was a gap between his upper middle teeth. Both his middle teeth were also tilted to the center. This gives a very uneven appearance of his upper teeth. I suggested 4 composite veneers for him since he is a very busy man and needs a ‘quick-fix’. He agreed , but reluctantly, to please his wife :). What he didn’t know at that time , was how different he will look after the makeover done.

Mr.Sufian after

The veneers were done within 40 minutes. Mr.Sufian commented that it felt different after the composite veneers were placed. Well yes, it would definitely feel that way since we just ‘introduced’ something new to your teeth. It takes merely a couple of days to get used to them. When you look different, you definitely will feel different right?

I took the final ‘after’ photo and showed Mr.Sufian the result via the pictures. “Oh my, was that how my teeth looked like earlier? I’m glad I got the makeover done!” Mr.Sufian said, suprised. Mrs.Sufian on the other hand, was very pleased with the result and couldn’t stop complimenting how good her husband looked.

I have to agree it was Mrs.Sufian’s persistence which enabled Mr.Sufian to get his new confident smile. I bid them farewell and reminded them to come back 4 monthly for their regular check-ups and scaling. What a lovely couple they were. See you soon Mr and Mrs Sufian :).

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