Cheerful, happy go lucky and friendly…..this is how I would describe Dura, a young lady who came to see me for a consultation about makeover.

She chatted with me as if we had known each other for years. She told me that she knew of our clinic and about makeovers from her friend, Nadia, who did her makeover with us few months back. Ever since then she had planned to do her makeover to straighten her teeth as well.

Before: Dura's uneven teeth

This is actually not her first journey towards getting a better smile. Dura was on braces before but she told me that the treatment seemed not to progress well and she was not keen on spending more time on it. Furthermore, her wedding is just round the corner and doing a makeover is the fastest way to get her dream smile.

“Ooo…that’s why you need a quick fix. Are you getting married to him?” I asked referring to a young man who accompanied her that day.

“Oh no doctor, he is my best friend and he followed me here because he wanted to know the location of this clinic. We’ve been browsing your web page and he is keen on doing his makeover too”

“I can do both of you on the same day then, that shouldn’t be a problem” I said.

Well…that’s my plan, but it happened that Dura’s best friend who is an engineer professionally is also Dura’s wedding planner. He is at the moment, super duper busy and can’t afford time to do his makeover yet. He was planning to come in for his makeover after Dura’s wedding.

“Ok then, we’ll start with the bride first” I said and I discussed her treatment plan. What Dura needed was at least six veneers on her upper front teeth to have a nice even looking smile. Dura agreed to my plan.

After: even and straighter teeth!

The treatment went smoothly and after about an hour Dura couldn’t stop smiling and kept glancing into the mirror.

“You are really happy with your new smile, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Really, really, really happy doctor and thank you so much” Dura said smiling widely.

“You are most welcome and I hope you’ll have a wonderful wedding Dura….do enjoy the big day and smile widely for the photoshoot.” I reminded her as Dura walked out of the clinic.

Dura’s wedding will be at the end of this month and I’m sure it’s ¬†going to be a wonderful one….Selamat pengantin baru!

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10 years ago

Assalamualaikum dr.fauziah…im nurul from ampang…saya hendak bertanya berapa rm sekiranya hendak pasang braces di klinik dr?gigi saya tidak sekata dan saya ingin pasang braces utk meluruskannya…terima kasih…