The Journey: Dr Mawarni

Dr Mawarni

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I remember when I was learning English literature in school, I had learnt about a poetry entitled ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.

It’s about a man who had to choose which path that he should choose in life, either the popular route or the one which was less traveled by. The single step is important. A step that requires courage. A step that could make a lot of changes and give meaning in our lives. Today I am not posting about the usual makeovers. I was invited by Dr Fauziah to write a journey about myself. So, here it goes;

I started my dentistry journey in University of Malaya. Like Robert Frost, I chose the less popular course which was dentistry and not medicine. After 5 years of hardship and fun at the same time, I managed to get the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (UM). If you take time to read carefully, all of the dentists in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah graduated from University of Malaya! What a coincidence. 😀

Being a PTPTN loan holder, I was not bounded to any government sector for long. Right after graduation, we were instructed to serve our compulsory government service for 3 years. So, I had the opportunity to choose whether to join Ministry of Health (MOH) or Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). After I did some research and ran a little survey of my fellow seniors and, after weighing the pros and cons, I decided to join the Ministry of Defence and became a military officer.

I was treating a Thai old man, Lieutenant Dr Ma from US Navy assisted me. There was no dental chair!

One may wonder why I chose MINDEF instead of MOH. Isn’t it tougher working as a soldier dentist, than the regular civilian dentist? The two main reasons were MINDEF has better dental facilities and I had the opportunity to join the military outdoor activities. I was an athlete back in university and an outdoor person. I will be doing dentistry my whole life, why not try something different right?

I wanted to have so much fun back then! I did not plan to continue in military service. My aim and intentions were to learn as much as possible in the government sector, to enjoy my military life and continue practicing in private practice.

I love working in private practice because it focuses more on clinical work which is treating the patients, more than paper or admin work. I rather spend my time doing treatment for patients than finishing admin or paper work. I find it more satisfying 😀

Alhamdulillah, I enjoyed my military life. The best experience was the opportunity to join the Special Forces personnel undergone the basic parachute training and actually made 8 jumps from a plane at 1000 feet above. It had taught me to overcome my fear, like the TV show ‘Fear Factor’. 😉

I had the chance to learn about another different life which was full of culture and protocol. Yes, I did my marching, and shooting as well, but I was not a good shooter though. I also had the opportunity to do exercises with the soldier dentists from the Asia Pacific and shared knowledge with them!

Another worthwhile experience was being able to travel and work around the islands at the north part of Sabah. Patients usually came to us for treatment, but that one mission was to go to the military personnel themselves whilst they were busy guarding the islands at the border of Malaysia and Philippines. My task was to make sure that Malaysian soldiers were dentally fit and ready for deployment at any time.

Getting ready to jump. I was the first jumper in the plane *Gulp*

The main reason I decided to quit was because the limitations of dental material source in government sector. So I felt the limitation of doing my clinical work. Nevertheless, I do agree that Armed Forces Dental Service is better than Ministry of Health in terms of patient’s management and facilities. Thumbs up to my ex-boss, Dato’ Sukri for his hard work in bringing up the reputation of the service!

How do I get to know Klinik Pergigian Fauziah or KPF?? Towards the end of my last few months in the government service, I  asked a senior dentist and a friend of mine to find any established dental clinic that needed a dentist. After a few weeks, a friend of mine texted me and said Dr Fauziah needs another associate dentist. I immediately texted Dr Fauziah inquiring as to the position of Associate Dentist and we met and talked, and I agreed to join the team.

Why so? From the very beginning, I felt that this is what I wanted, and this clinic is special, unique and very different in many ways from any other private clinic that I had worked in part time before.

I have worked in KPF for approximately 3 months now. What I found amazing in KPF is Dr Fauziah herself. Credit to her for being such a firm, sincere, hardworking, meticulous, helpful, selfless team leader. She leads all of us to grow and become a better person not just in dentistry but also in life. Each and every one of us is motivated by her to become better from time to time.

KPF Team celebrating Dr Nik's birthday!

We understand that we are all special and have our own role in KPF. The mission is to provide the best oral health care for patients! We always work for patient’s best interest. The staffs, the clinic managers and nurses are very efficient and helpful. Try and drop by our clinic, you will not see the staffs just sitting around doing nothing; they always have something to do. The best part is they are willing to sacrifice their time to help the dentists and patients sincerely.

The dentists, Dr Fauziah, Dr Nik Roslin, Dr Kayethri, Dr Dini and I really make an awesome team. We help and support each other. I remember the saying ‘Giving with no strings attached’. They give without afraid of losing.

Have you ever heard that true love is by giving and not getting? In KPF, we share our knowledge, skills and life goals. The secret ingredients of KPF are to put away our ego as dentists, work as a team and put our whole priority to patients. What matters most is that every patient can go back from our clinic feeling happy.

Yes, in life we should keep on giving; don’t be afraid because God will give it right back to you! I feel really grateful to be part of KPF team. It is mainly because I can be myself in an awesome environment and serve the best for my patients. I feel more at peace. I feel at home. I love my new job! Thank you KPF!

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for the sharing ! May I ask, can you please explain the pros and cons of joining MINDEF, and joining MOH. Im still having dilemmas on which path should I take..