Eline’s Makeover : Dr. Dini

“I want an attractive smile!” Five powerful words from Eline once seated on the dental chair.

This is a beautiful and confident lady who knows what she wants.

Eline is a housewife and a mother of two children. She had a protruded and tilted right upper incisor which she didn’t like. She tends to accidentally bite and cut her upper lip while eating, too ….. ouch!

Eline before

She was trying to find a solution to fix her teeth. Unfortunately, when she asked around for a quick fix, all she got was people telling her to wear braces.

Eline searched the web for ways to straighten her teeth and stumbled upon our blog. She called our clinic and made the appointment. She even informed our receptionist that she didn’t want to wear braces. Teha, our capable receptionist assured her that she probably need not wear any braces but it was best for her to come in for a consultation first.

I examined Eline’s teeth and discussed her treatment plan. I suggested to Eline, to have a porcelain crown and two veneers done for her to achieve her dream smile.

Eline agreed to my treatment plan.

The treatment was divided into two visits. The first visit was to trim her protruded right upper incisor to the desired shape, and place two veneers: one on her upper right lateral incisor and another was on her upper left central incisor. The temporary crown was cemented right after that, so that when Eline left the clinic, with another appointment date to fit in the actual crown, she already had her beautiful smile! 😉

After. Straighter and evenly upper teeth.

On the second visit, I fitted in the permanent crown and passed Eline the mirror. I could see at first, that her eyes became watery and few seconds after that, she broke into wide smile and her face lighten up.

“Just what I have always dreamt about. Thank you, doctor” said Eline.

When I asked her whether she was happy with the crown, she nodded and gave me the permission to cement the crown permanently.

Eline couldn’t stop smiling and kept looking in the mirror.

It was a fruitful Monday. Eline got the smile she always wanted  for a long time and I had the satisfaction of helping her to achieve it.

I love my job.

I get to create beautiful smiles and make people happy … every single day!

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