A worthwhile wait: Dr.Kayethri

Mr.Rani before

Mr.Rani walked in to the clinic a few months ago after stumbling upon our blog. He wanted to know if he can close the gaps in his teeth as easy as it is shown in the blog. Mr.Rani worked nearby our clinic, thus he had no problem to come in for a quick consultation.

When I examined Mr.Rani, I found that his gum was not sound. That means he was having gum disease, which is shown in the form of swollen gums, gum pocketing (space between tooth and gum) and a gum condition which easily bleeds even on gentle touching or brushing.

Closing the gaps was not a problem, but going ahead with any treatment without addressing the gum condition is a no no!

I explained the treatment options available for gum therapy which include the conventional way and the latest method using EmunDo PDT along with ARC laser. As I explained further on the benefits of the EmunDo PDT therapy, Mr.Rani agreed to get his gum treated before closing the gaps.

Mr.Rani after

Today was the final session of Mr.Rani’s EmunDo PDT therapy and he was very happy with the result. His gum is firm, pink and hardly bled when I checked. Since he was not in a hurry today, he asked if I could close the gaps after finishing his EmunDo PDT session. Why not?

I recommended 5 composite veneers for the upper front teeth and he agreed. After about 45 minutes, he totally looked different. A simple smile after looking at the mirror showed how satisfied he was.

I reminded him that he still had to stick with his daily dental hygiene routine; brushing twice a day, flossing, using an interdental brush to clean those big gaps which can’t be cleaned by a floss, and using a mouth wash. I also reminded him to come back every 3 months for his regular scaling and check-up since I still need to monitor his gum health.

It wasn’t a quick-fix, but sometimes the time we took before a makeover is worthwhile to give an overall best result to the patient.

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7 years ago

Hi doc.. How much does this cost .. Tq