Ida’s bright smile: Dr.Kayethri

Ida before

Ida was ready for the big Jovian sale that Saturday. Little did she expect that a simple visit for a dental check-up, gave her the bright smile she always wanted.

Ida was brought in to our clinic by her husband, Farham, who is one of my regular patients. She actually came in for a routine check-up and to get a scaling done. I couldn’t help but notice the big brown ‘patches’ she had on her upper front teeth. The stains were due to some defect during the formation of her teeth when she was a child. It is quite common. Apart from the stains, she also had uneven front teeth.

“Have you ever thought of ‘getting rid’ of those patches Ida”? I asked curiously. “Yes, do you do whitening here?” she asked me. “Well yes we do, but you could easily ‘fix’ your front teeth with a very simple method. It’s easy, painless and definitely not painful to your pocket” I replied her, smiling.

Ida after

Ida could get her front teeth ‘straighter’ and brighter with only 4 composite veneers.

She agreed and we started with her makeover which barely took 40 minutes.

” Wow, the stains are hardly visible and my teeth looks more even now! ” she grinned widely the moment she saw the result.

Now Ida can smile confidently and I am sure she enjoyed her Saturday during the shopping spree she had planned earlier with her family.

Enjoy yourself at the sale, Ida!

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