Jacelyn got her new smile: Dr.Kayethri

Jacelyn before

Chirpy, bubbly and friendly is how I would describe Jacelyn is a music teacher, who teaches piano and violin lessons. Her passion in music made her to take up music as her full time career.

Jacelyn and her friend Chee Peng came across our blog and decided to make an appointment for consultation; Jacelyn with me and Chee Peng with my colleague Dr.Mawarni.

“Can you make my teeth look nicer Doctor?” Jacelyn asked. ” I saw the before and after pictures in the blog and I also saw that all of you mentioned that the transformations are within an hour. How is that possible?” she asked again.

“What are you not happy about your teeth Jacelyn?” I asked. “It’s this jutting out tooth (pointing at her upper left center tooth) and my right teeth are tucked behind my lower teeth (which we refer as a crossbite)” she replied. “My students said that I look funny with this smile”.

Jacelyn was neither keen on spending years on braces nor removing any tooth. I suggested her to do a mock for composite veneers to have a look

Jacelyn after

After looking at the mock result, she decided to go on with the composite veneers. Jacelyn needed only 5 composite veneers to make her upper teeth look more aligned and neat. No pain, no injection and in no time! 🙂

About 40 minutes later, the makeover was done . Jacelyn looked herself in the mirror and started laughing . ” I have never seen myself with such straight teeth before. My teeth look nice now.”

At the end of the treatment session,I gave her my namecard and she passed me hers and told me to come over to her center for some piano lessons.

You see, I told her my long time intention to brush up my piano skills which I have long forgotten ever since I left school.

That’s very nice of you Jacelyn :). Now you don’t have to be shy to smile to your students Jacelyn :).

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