Journey to a beautiful smile: Dr Nik

Working as a front liner, the most important thing is a persons’  image and that was the reason why this patient came and see me.

Mira who works at the front desk at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur is a very attractive young lady. With long wavy hair and flawless glowing skin she is no doubt a beauty.

Mira before- uneven teeth and crossbite.

The only thing that bothered her was her teeth! Mira had uneven upper front teeth. One of her upper front tooth was actually biting behind  the lower teeth (we call this crossbite). She thought that braces was the only possible way to correct her teeth until she stumbled upon our blog.

Amazed with what she saw in the blog and eager to know what can be done to her teeth, she came in for a consultation. After the initial examination, I came up with three possible treatment options for her.

The option was either to fix braces that will take her two years to complete which she instantly said no to or do just cosmetic fillings where I needed to trim down few teeth to get enough space to correct the crossbite or a combination of removable  braces which would take her about three months to correct the crossbite and cosmetic filling or veneers later. Since Mira couldn’t decide which treatment  she preferred, she requested for few days  to think about it.

After considering the options, Mira opted for a combined  treatment plan to beautify her smile and she called the clinic for an appointment.

After-no more crossbite!

On the day of the appointment, we started off by doing her upper removable braces and after wearing it for about 3 months, the crossbite was corrected (the upper tooth that was tucked behind the lower front teeth was successfully brought forward!).

Next step was to do the veneers and what she needed was just two veneers to beautify her teeth. It didn’t take me long. In about thirty minutes, Mira got what she wished, an even and nicer aligned teeth.

Was she happy?…I’m pretty sure she is. She smiled widely and kept saying that it was beautiful and kept thanking me.

Am I happy?…Ooo that’s for sure. I mean when you are able to help someone in achieving their dream and make them happy, would not that make you happy too?

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9 years ago

Hi, may i know what is the price range for her overall treatment? Especially for the removable braces. Thank you.

10 years ago