Bear’s “Japanese” Smile : Dr Mawarni

Before: Her upper and lower gaps were more obvious when she talked

Chee Ping had stumbled upon our blog. She made her makeover appointment together with her music teacher friend, Minn Hua, who was treated by Dr Kayethri. Both of them were very friendly and cheerful. Chee Ping works in a marketing department in an IT company.

“Does your work require you to meet many people, dear?” I asked. “I just started.” she replied. Previously she was a graphic designer. Chee Ping wanted a new smile to begin her new career. She was not satisfied with the gaps at her upper and lower front teeth.

The upper gaps were not so wide as compared to the lower teeth. Her upper teeth gaps were due to the triangular or peg shaped lateral incisor teeth, while the lower gaps were due to her congenitally missing permanent incisors. Congenitally missing teeth means the person was born without a complete set of teeth. So we should be very thankful if we have a complete set of teeth already, as we don’t have to go through all the time and trouble to fill in the gaps where the teeth never grew.

“It’s okay Chee Ping, you have come to the right place, I will do my best to improve your smile okay,” I said.

“You can call me Bear doctor, that is my nick name,” she added.

I laid down the treatment options  and did for her the mock up of the composite veneers. She needed 6 composite veneers from canine to canine for her upper teeth and a bridge and also 2 veneers for the lower teeth. A bridge was needed for the lower as the gaps were too wide to be closed with composite veneers.

After seeing the result of the mock up, she agreed to do the upper teeth first. “I think I want to do the upper first and see how it goes after that,” she said confidently. “Sure! Why not?,” I said.

After: No more gaps!

While I was doing her makeover, she looked at the mirror a few times. She was curious as to how the procedure was done and too excited to wait for the final result. “How come nobody had ever mentioned about this option before? I have been to many clinics, and their only option was braces,” she asked, confused. “Well, this composite veneer is gaining popularity as it is simple, cheap and easy to repair. Probably it was not really popular to them back then,” I replied. Each and every dentist has his own preferences as to how the gaps can be closed. In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we use composite veneer to close gaps every day 🙂

Chee Ping was very happy with her smile that day even though it was partially done. She could not stop looking in the mirror 😉 Dr Fauziah asked her, “You have a natural smile, a “Japanese smile”, are you okay with that?”. What Dr Fauziah was referring to was her left canine which was a bit protruded, this made her lip rise just a little when she smiled, much like a Japanese model. “Naa, the canine looks fine Doctor,” she answered. Her main concern was to close the gaps. As a dentist, we always want to give them the smile that they want, not a smile that we think is perfect for them.

With composite veneers there is some limitation as to how we can shape and align the teeth because it does not involve bodily movement of the tooth. What I have learn from her is that, sometimes the smile does not need to be really perfect to make patients happy. Our main task is to let the patients know of the available treatments, the cost, the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment. Then, the patients are free to decide. Sometimes what I see as beautiful is not necessarily what they perceive as beauty. As long as the patients’ concerns are addressed, then they will be happy. We will do whatever it takes to get that the best smile for every unique individual. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ….. right?

Chee Ping  showed her smile to her friend excitedly. We took pictures together and gave them the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures as gifts. She made another appointment to come for the lower teeth. I can’t wait to see her again and transform her smile. A complete one. “See you Bear!”

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