Beautiful and confident smile for Adda : Dr. Dini

Everybody knows our milk teeth will fall out when we are small.  Eventually, the space will be replaced by our permanent teeth. However, there are a few exceptions to this, where the milk teeth stays with us until adulthood.

Adda’s scenario was one of the few exceptional cases. She still had her one of her milk teeth and recently it had become very shaky. She was worried that it might fall out during eating or talking with friends. Hence, she surfed the internet for the best treatment available.

Before. Shaky milk tooth and gap at the central incisor.

She found our blog and after reading the many posts on makeovers, she had the confidence to make an appointment for a consultation with us.

The first time we met, I found her very shy and a very quiet young lady. She was accompanied by her father.

Once seated, I noticed her milk tooth straight away. After I finished with the initial examination, she asked me,”Are you going to pull out the milk tooth, Doctor?”.

I smiled and replied, “Yes, but we need to discuss the best treatment that suits you”.

She looked relieved and started to loosen up a bit.

As I explained the options available to her, I used our examination and diagnosis (E&D) sheet for her to understand better.

Besides having a shaky milk tooth, Adda also had a gap between her central incisor and a smaller-sized right lateral incisor. Her treatment options would be wearing braces or a three-unit-bridge with an additional veneer. Since Adda was about to attend her convocation, wearing braces was not an appealing option to her. She chose to do the three unit bridge and the veneer instead.

The first thing I did was to prepare the teeth for the bridge and extract the milk tooth. I gave her a temporary bridge so she could go back with a beautiful smile  for a month before the next appointment :-). Adda needed to wait for one month as the gum and bone needed time to heal before we would be able to take the final impression of her bridge.

After- Beautiful smile.

One month later, we took her final impression to send to the lab for the technician to fabricate the bridge. I also closed the gap and placed a veneer on her right lateral incisor on that same day.

She came in last week for fitting of the permanent bridge. The bridge fitted nicely. No adjustment was needed.

She smiled widely and looked so happy when I handed her the mirror. She also looked different. She was more confident and was not shy anymore.

The  bridge was cemented permanently and I taught her on how to keep the bridge clean before she left the clinic.

Having a makeover will  not just change the way we look but also how we feel. A beautiful smile, whiter and  well aligned teeth will give us more confidence when dealing with people every day and is a boost to our self esteem. I am grateful that I could help Adda achieve her dream smile.

I hope you had a wonderful time at your convocation Adda. Keep on flashing your new, beautiful smile!

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