An Important Event = A Beautiful Smile : Dr Fauziah

Aida this morning

Aida is one of our Dental Surgeon’s Assistant’s elder sister. She is a teacher who has been stationed in Miri so is back for the holidays (she actually is from Malacca).

Intan, her sister, told her about our makeovers and encouraged Aida to come for a consultation to get a makeover. Aida did so a few weeks ago. It was during this consultation, immediately when she got back from Miri, that I explained at length that Aida’s makeover was best done with a bridge as the spaces between her teeth were just too big to correct with veneers.

You see there are several factors to take into account:

  • The fact that Aida actually had missing teeth … which was why the gaps were so large and why the teeth were drifting and tilting.
  • The fact that Aida is young and about to get engaged … she needs to look beautiful NOW.
  • The fact that Aida does not live and work in or around Kuala Lumpur … any repairs/chips will be difficult for her to come in for corrections
  • The fact that Aida has perfect lower teeth arrangement.
  • The fact that even if she were to do braces, the missing teeth will still need to be replaced by a bridge.
Aida when she left the clinic a few hours later

And so today, just a day before the ‘merisik’ ceremony tomorrow, Aida came in for her makeover from Malacca.

Next week she returns to Miri to attend a course to teach English!

We immediately started her bridge as soon as she came in. I had a full schedule but I wanted to make sure Aida’s temporary bridge was going to look as good as her permanent bridge which will take a week to make. Yes, we’re going to have enough time before she goes back to Miri but she needs to look beautiful NOW too.

I told Aida that I was going to do my absolute best not just for her but also for her sister, Intan.

Why you may ask?

Aida had large gaps on the sides too

Think about it … Aida will be easy to please. I can make the gaps disappear and create for her a beautiful smile as the gaps are so large. No problemo … no issue at all.

BUT I owe it to Intan to do my absolute best

Intan has seen me do makeovers time and time again, almost daily! I must pull out all the stops and create a stunning smile as Intan will be seeing her sister smile for the rest of Intan’s and Aida’s life. Intan has to be 100% confident that her sister has been taken care of the best way she could ever (humanely) be taken care of.

And I must do it now … no second chances … no mistakes at all because Aida is getting engaged tomorrow and then a week later she boards a plane to go back to work in Miri as a teacher!

The temporary bridge must look stunning.

  • The permanent bridge must be perfect next week, she cannot afford to reschedule the appointment as she leaves for Miri.

    No more gaps!The permanent bridge must be perfect next week, she cannot afford to reschedule the appointment as she leaves for Miri.
  • It must fit perfectly.
  • The colour must absolutely match her natural teeth.
  • The shape and size of the teeth must look natural.
  • The tilt of the teeth and spacings must look gorgeous.

As a teacher, Aida will not easily get time off to come back to do repairs/corrections … and she works in East Malaysia too!

The bridge is not difficult to do … really. It is the level of expertise, beauty and creativity that had to be amazing!

As we started the procedure, Intan told Dr Mawarni, “My heart is beating! I am the one that is nervous!”

Before her makeover this morning

I can so understand this … Intan has stuck her neck out and Aida, her sister, trusts her … trusts that we are going to make her beautiful for tomorrow’s ceremony. I am determined not to let Intan down.

I spent more than the usual time making sure the temporary bridge was beautiful! I made sure both Aida and Intan were absolutely happy with it first than took more study models, photos and rechecked the colour … like I said, there is 0% margin for mistakes!

When I passed the mirror to Aida, I told her, “Don’t cry okay. Just look and tell me if you don’t like it or what you don’t like about it!”

Aida looked in the mirror and smiled and smiled and smiled!

Yes, she liked it and so did Intan …. and so do I!

We printed the Before and After photos for Aida to take with her to Malacca.

A perfect smile in just half a day

I also kept copies to send to the technician so they know exactly what the colour, shape and size of the bridge should look like.

Aida looks good!

Both sisters went off together to the bus station.

… Aida has a engagement ceremony to rush home to tomorrow! 😉

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Azlan Adnan
Azlan Adnan
10 years ago

Well done, Doc! I hope the fiance tak terkejut and thinks he’s suddenly marrying someone else as at the makeover is so dramatic that your patient looks like another person altogether!

You’ve also done wonders for Aida’s self-esteem and confidence. Bravo!

Anthy Accaoui
Anthy Accaoui
10 years ago

God bless you !