A new smile on a new visit:Dr.Kayethri

Mr.Ajay before

Mr.Ajay is a businessman with his business center located near our clinic. He was looking for a dentist when his wife suggested a visit to see us.

His wife, was our patient in Taman Melawati branch many years back. They were suprised to know that we have a branch in Menara Raja Laut and were more than pleased to pay us a visit.

Mr.Ajay came in for a scaling and check-up. As I seated him on the dental chair, I noticed that his upper central incisors had uneven edges. On top of that, his lateral incisors (next to the central incisors) were relatively small, which made him have gaps in between his teeth.

After completing his scaling, I asked Mr.Ajay if he is interested to improve the look of his teeth and he immediately asked me how can it be done. I explained to him about

Mr.Ajay after

composite veneers and how simple the process is. He just needed 4 composite veneers for 4 of his upper front teeth to give him the dazzling smile.

Mr.Ajay gave the green light for the makeover and we started immediately. It took me approximately 30 minutes to finish up his veneers.

It was a simple makeover, yes, but it was something Mr.Ajay wanted for a long time but just didn’t know how to get it done.

Now he has his longed dazzling smile and I am sure he wouldn’t hesitate to smile wide. 🙂

Smile wide Mr.Ajay!

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