A suprise makeover: Dr.Kayethri

Syam before

Syam made an appointment for his regular check-up and scaling one day. He found us via the website when he was looking for a clinic near his work place. Little did he know that the visit was going to change his smile for the better.

When Syam walked into the treatment room, I saw an energetic and stylish man in front of me. He was very chatty and friendly too. “I haven’t been to the dentist for almost a year, doc” he said. I did the check-up and found that Syam did not need any fillings, apart from his scaling, his teeth were in good condition. I told him the ‘good news’, something which all patients would want to hear :).

Though he did not need any fillings, I know Syam could improve his smile. An attractive smile will only boost the confidence of a stylish man like him, thus I suggested him to do a makeover for his 4 upper front teeth. His 2 center teeth had worn out tips which made the teeth look shorter than others.

I laid out my treatment plan which gave him a choice to either do composite veneers or porcelain crowns and explained the differences thoroughly to him. As composite veneers can be done instantly in less than an hour and absolutely painless, Syam chose them for a quick solution.

Syam after

The 4 composite veneers barely took an hour and as I showed him the final result, Syam was just too happy that he had decided to do the makeover.

“I wonder why other dentists told me about this?” he asked me, curious. I told him that each and every dentist have their own specialty and that may show up in the treatment choices that they offer to their patients, and so the options they discuss are not necessarily always the same.

Before Syam left the clinic , I reminded him to make a night-guard as he has a teeth grinding habit during sleep. The night-guard will not only protect the veneers but also the rest of the natural teeth from getting ‘worn out’.

It was a suprise makeover for Syam, but it did give him a dazzling smile which suited him so well. I was so glad to see him walking away from the clinic with a wide smile.

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