Mind the Gap: Dr Mawarni

Before- very wide gap

Soliha is our regular patient. Quiet and shy are two words that I use to describe her. She came for her routine 6-monthly dental check up and scaling.

Upon examination, I could see huge gaps at her lower teeth so naturally, I asked, “Have you ever thought about closing the gap between your teeth?”

I explained that the gaps were due to drifting of her teeth to the space of the previously extracted first molar. Teeth drifting happens when teeth migrate into the open spaces left behind by missing teeth.  To compensate for a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth will begin to shift and tilt in a crooked manner to fill this space.

When the tooth tilts, a gap is created between the tooth and the gums and something like a pocket is created into which food can accumulate, resulting in bone loss, gum disease and tooth decay. Hence, it is advisable to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible. This is to avoid its complications and close the remaining gaps formed and therefore avoid further food traps.

After- prettier smile!

They were several options to close the gaps such as composite veneers, crown or wearing braces.

I explained the pros and cons of each option and the total cost. I also showed her our makeover album.

Without much hesitation, she decided to proceed with composite veneer. Due to time constraint, we made another appointment for Soliha. I managed to do scaling for her on that day.

At her next visit, Soliha came in ready for her makeover. Within slightly more than an hour, I managed to close the gaps by doing 3 composite veneers.

After the treatment was complete, I asked her, “How do you feel now. Are you happy?”

“I am happy with the look but I feel a bit different, Doctor. I think probably it is something new and needs to get used to,” she said whilst glancing at the mirror.

“You are absolutely right, dear. It’s just a matter of adapting to your brand new smile. Don’t worry, you can come to do any adjustment with us if necessary within these 30 days, okay. That’s the whole purpose of giving our patients that one month guarantee.” I reassured her.

I reminded her to replace the first molar space with either a bridge or implant. This is to make sure that her teeth will not drift even further and causes formation of gaps again.

She nodded her head and smiled as we bid each other good bye. Thanks for being such a loyal patient and trusting us Soliha! 😀

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