Before: Notice the gaps

Zu is a sweet patient of mine. Like most of our patients who came for makeover, she found our blog after browsing through the internet.

Zu’s main concern were her huge gaps in the lower teeth. The gaps were due to congenitally missing lower lateral incisors. In other words, she was born without two of her front teeth. The gaps made her shy to smile.

“I would like these gaps to be closed, Doctor,” she said whilst pointing at her lower front teeth to me.

I noticed that Zu also had anterior open bite and Class III skeletal pattern.

Anterior open bite simply means that her upper and lower teeth were not in a biting position if she bites. This happened because her lower jaw (mandible) was too far forward as compared to her upper jaw (maxilla).

“Sure Zu, I have two options to close your front gaps,” I replied. “You could either opt for bridge or 4 composite veneers.”

For more aesthetic result, I advised her to go for bridge. Why is that so? Her gaps were quite big and could be replaced with the size of two teeth. By closing the gaps with bridge, we would be able to shape and create the teeth to a size that resembles her other teeth, so she would have a more natural smile as a result.

After: No more gaps!

Zu chose to close the gaps with composite veneers instead. It was mainly because composite veneers were much cheaper and would not need much preparation. Another advantage of the composite veneers option was that she could always come back to do a bridge later.

How is that possible? It is because when doing veneers, the cutting of the tooth structure is very minimal. In addition, removal of composite is easy.

“Doctor, can you do the procedure today?” she asked.

I looked at my schedule list. Since Zu was scheduled for consultation only, we didn’t allocate more time for her. Looking at her hopeful face, I did not have the courage to say no.

“Yes it is possible, if you don’t mind waiting. I need to attend to another 2 appointments first.”  I replied.

Zu was willing to wait. I really appreciate her patience and understanding. In about slightly more than an hour, Zu had a no gap smile! 😀 She couldn’t stop smiling whilst looking at the mirror.

“Thank you very much Doctor!” she smiled.

“You are welcome. I am the one who should thank you for willing to wait patiently,” I said. “By the way, you have a 30 days guarantee to adjust to your new ‘teeth’. This means you can come for adjustment within that time at no charge of course.” I added.

I was blessed to have such a good patient. Now Zu can smile without feeling shy!

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7 years ago

Doc ingt semua..terharu…hehehe…terima kasih doc..still tersengih2 bila nampak gigi rapat…tp penat sikitla kena rajin floss.. sblm ni jarang sangkut makanan..hehehee…;)