Zul’s New Year Smile: Dr Mawarni

A fun, friendly and happy-go-lucky young man! That would be the best words to describe Zul Husni’s personality.

Zul had browsed through our blog on the internet and found the makeover gallery very interesting. His good friend, a famous local renowned fashion designer, Syaiful Baharim, had his makeover done with us as well.

Zul works as a reporter in the News Straits Times. He is the person-in-charge of the weekend entertainment column. So, he has the opportunity to interview many celebrities and people in the entertainment industry. His easy going and spontaneous personality really suits his job.

Zul came complaining about the shape of his front teeth. He had braces done recently but he was not satisfied with the end result. His teeth were well aligned. However, they were uneven and there were spaces present in between his teeth due to gum recession.

“I am not happy with my right sharp canine, and the unevenness of these teeth. I also found these spaces are not nice,” he explained, pointing at the associated teeth.

I suggested him to do the least invasive treatment, which were 6 composite veneers, from the right to left upper canine. We discussed about the price and he was happy as the price was lower than what he expected.

It is our duty to provide dental service and makeovers to people of all walks of life. So many people wanted to do makeover but they just could not afford it. In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we will discuss with you and offer the best services possible according to your budget ;-).

Zul needed scaling and some fillings. Due to time constraint, I only managed to finish all his other dental treatments and set another makeover appointment for him.

He came again a day after Christmas.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes Doctor!,” he replied smiling looking hopeful.

While doing the makeover, I chatted with him about many things. He seemed very relax.

After about 2 hours, I handed him the mirror.

“The hideous spaces have gone! Yeay!!” he said happily.

He looked through the mirror from many angles.

I took the ‘after’ pictures and showed to him to compare with the ‘before’ pictures.

He claimed that his smile is better than in the pictures.

I agreed with his opinion. In the pictures, only teeth and lips were shown. If you see anyone in person, the teeth blend with the the lips and other facial features. The smile will look even better.

“Thanks Doctor! I’ll tell all my friends to come here. I know already who to recommend,” he said.

Seeing him happy had made my day. I am so glad that I can help him to get a New Year smile!

Thanks so much for trusting us!

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