Killing two birds with one stone: Dr Nik

Ainy is a young oil and gas executive. She walked into our clinic for her appointment and was eager to get her makeover done.

Ainy knew about our clinic from her friend who had her makeover done with us before. She had visited our blog. After reading our previous blog posts, she found out that it was possible to achieve a straighter smile without wearing braces.

Ainy before

Ainy had a slightly crooked, yellowish shade teeth. She wanted to have a straighter set of teeth but was not keen on wearing the conventional train track braces.

Ainy was about to get married and she wanted a perfect smile for her big day. Hence, she wanted a faster and painless option!

I had discussed the possible treatment options for her and strongly suggested that she opt for veneers.

By doing veneers, I could achieve two things at the same time, I could make her teeth straighter and also whiter.

I just needed to use whiter composite resin (a tooth- coloured material that we use to do veneers) to get whiter teeth that Ainy wanted. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Ainy after the makeover

Ainy agreed to my proposed treatment option. She needed at least six veneers on her upper front teeth.

I started off by doing her two central teeth as guidance followed by the side ones. It took me an hour before Ainy eventually  took a look at her new whiter, straighter teeth. Her face suddenly broke into a wide smile.

“I love it , Doctor!” she told me.

It was whiter and straighter like she always dreamt of.

Before Ainy went off,  I reminded her to keep on flashing her smile and come back for a scaling before her wedding.

“Yes I will Doctor. Thank you,” she said.

Later that evening my staff told me that Ainy had fixed an appointment for her fiance. She wanted me to have a look at his teeth and make them look nicer for their wedding.

I will do my best Ainy and  I am looking forward to do his makeover. Thank you for your referral.

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