A life changing smile : Dr. Dini

Patchy filling and uneven upper teeth.

Having a makeover will not only dramatically improved our smile but our self esteem too. Not only we will look more radiant, our confidence will also increase.

Amy had found our blog  as she searched the internet for a dentist and called up for an appointment. She likes reading our blog. She told me, she could sense that we do our absolute best to help our patients achieved their dream smile.

Indeed!!.  We do.

The first time we met, I found Amy was very quiet and somehow I knew she was nervous as well. My guess was right!  Amy told me that this is her first visit to a dental clinic in more than 6 years. She also confided to me, she is going through a rough phase in her life. She explained that having this makeover is important to her. For her to feel good again and lift her self esteem.

I promised her that I’ll do my best to help her achieved her dream smile.

She asked me if I could fix her upper front teeth. She had the filling done few years back and now it is discoloured .

“It’s easy- peasy, Amy” I told her.

“It can be done in less than an hour time” I added.

I also advised her that besides the upper teeth, she needed scaling and filling on her lower teeth.

She said, “Okay doctor. Can you fix the upper teeth first today? I’ll set another appointment for the lower teeth”.

“Sure” I replied.

In less than an hour, I completed four upper veneers for Amy. I handed the mirror to her. She grinned ear to ear.

Beautiful smile and a straighter teeth in less than an hour later.

“Are you satisfied and happy?” I asked

“Of course doctor! I look totally different. I feel different too. Emotionally.” She added.

“You feel good?” I aked

“Yup!! That’s it! I feel good!” She said.

Amy kept thanking me profusely. It was a simple makeover, but for her, it changed her life.

Amy left the clinic as a new person. She is now a woman with outstanding self esteem and a dazzling smile to show off!

This made me realised, why I love my job. Creating beautiful smile and helping people feel good about themselves.

Keep on smiling Amy!!…and I’ll see you again on your next appointment.

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