Alfie’s Worthwhile Dental Journey: Dr Mawarni

Alfie came to our clinic after being recommended by his friend. This fun, outgoing man is a father of 2 children and is expecting another baby soon. He came complaining of shaky teeth and was very keen to improve his smile.

Before: He was unhappy with his old smile

From his dental history, he had a motor vehicle accident once more than a decade ago. Ever since the tragedy, he continued to have many dental problems and had undergone treatments such as crowns and root canal treatment.

Alfie had expressed his disappointment as he had been experiencing pain. He also complained that puss kept coming from his front teeth.

After a thorough check up and investigation, I laid out a treatment plan for him.

Alfie had a condition called generalized chronic periodontitis (advance stage). In other words, this is a condition of an advanced gum disease.

In any treatment plan, gum disease will be treated first and must be controlled before we can start with other treatment. So, I proposed him to undergo these treatments:

1. ARC Laser Emundo Photodynamic Therapy to treat the gum disease
2. Extraction of his few teeth which were not savable
3. Replacement of the missing teeth with removable partial denture (immediate denture for upper teeth)
4. Review gum condition every 3 months

The teeth that need to be extracted include the upper four front teeth.

“I could not afford to have my front teeth missing while waiting for the denture, Doctor,” he said.

“Of course Alfie, I understand. That’s why we plan to replace your missing upper teeth with immediate denture. Immediate denture means the denture will be given to you on the same day of your extraction. So the extracted teeth will be replaced immediately and you will have a beautiful smile before you go back,” I reassured him.

“Okay Doctor, now that makes more sense,” he replied, relieved.

After: He looked 10 years younger with this new smile 🙂

Alfie agreed to the treatment plan. He then completed the series of Emundo therapy and extractions of his few back teeth which were not savable.

At his 3rd Emundo visit, his gum condition had improved so much. We then started with his denture procedures.

Alfie finally received his denture.

“Wow, look at my smile. It is definitely better than my old teeth!” he exclaimed whilst looking through the mirror.

“Yes Alfie, you look 10 years younger and more handsome now,” I added.

Alfie was so happy with his smile. It’s the dream smile that he had been longed for. 😉

“Since this is your first time wearing denture, you will experience increase in salivation, difficulty in speech and maybe some discomfort. Don’t worry, it’s just temporary and a matter of adaptation. You will most probably need to come for adjustment these few days or weeks at no charge of course,” I explained.

“Alright Doctor. Thank you very much,” he said smiling.

“You are welcome dear. I am more than happy to help.”

I bid him farewell and reminded him to come for Emundo treatment review in 3 months time.

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7 years ago

Hi Doc,my teeth is in a really2 bad condition. But i’m not too sure what i can do to fix this. And how much will it cost me. Appreciate if you can contact me and advice what i should do.