Mr. Ahmad’s New Smile: Dr Dini


Mr. Ahmad made an appointment for his regular check-up and scaling last month.He had been our patient for several years now.

He had missed his annual regular check-up last year due to his busy schedule. As he sat down, we chatted for a few minutes and exchanged stories on what was going on throughout last year.

I did the check-up and found that Mr. Ahmad did not need any fillings. Apart from his scaling, his teeth were in good condition. I told him the ‘good news’, something which all patients would want to hear.

Though he did not need any fillings, I knew I can do something to improve his smile.

“Would you like me to beautify your upper front teeth, Mr. Ahmad?” I offered.

He had the surprised look and asked me “You mean, you can make this old man look handsome again?”

We both laughed and I said without hesitation,” Yes Sir, I can make you look younger and of course handsome!”

He nodded and gave me the permission to proceed with the treatment.

In Mr. Ahmad ‘s case, I only need to do two upper veneers to improve his smile. In less than 40 minutes, I fulfilled his wish to look younger again.

I handed him the mirror and as I expected, he grinned from ear to ear.

A dazzling smile in less than 30 minutes later

“So, what do you think Mr. Ahmad?” I asked

“Wow! I’m impressed! Good job Doctor!” he replied.

Before we said our good bye, I reminded him that he still need to stick with his daily dental hygiene routine; brushing twice a day, flossing, and using a mouth wash. I also reminded him to come back every 6 months for his regular scaling and check-up.

He promised me he will do that and immediately booked an appointment for his next visit in 6 months time.

I knew Mr. Ahmad was happy with his new look. He kept smiling and flashing his new smile to our staff at the reception area!

Another happy patient for the day.

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