A new smile for the bride-to-be: Dr.Kayethri

Aimi before

Aimi is a freshly graduated lawyer who just started practising. She found us via the blog and booked a consultation appointment with us in Menara Raja Laut. This young and vibrant lawyer, is an upcoming bride who is getting married in a few months time. She was looking for an option to get a ravishing smile on her big day.

Aimi’s main concern was the gaps she had in between her upper front teeth. I checked her teeth and found out that she had 2 baby teeth still present on the left side and a permanent tooth hidden behind them at the palate area. It was not a simple case. After thinking thoroughly and taking into consideration many aspects, I laid out a few treatment options for her. The first treatment choice for Aimi was to do braces, since we  wanted to maintain her facial outline. The other option was 5 composite veneers to close the gaps on the upper front teeth.

Aimi was not keen on wearing braces especially when it would be visible on her big day. She opted to do the composite veneeers instead. I reminded her that she can always choose to do braces later which would be the best choice for her. Aimi agreed.

Aimi after

The 5 composite veneers didn’t take much time to be completed. When she looked at herself through the mirror, she gave a weird smirk. “How does it look Aimi?” I asked. ” It’s very nice Doctor. My lips are trying to get used to the new veneers though. My mouth feels ‘full’ now that no more gaps are there.” she replied laughing.

Well Aimi will get used to it. It’s just a matter of time for patients to adapt to their ‘new’ teeth.

Aimi left the clinic happy. The bride-to-be has no reason to flash a stunning smile on her bid day now. Congratulations and all the best on the new journey of your life Aimi :).

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