A new wide smile: Dr.Kayethri

Faten before

Faten is a young energetic teacher, who came to us to find for a solution for a ‘problem’ she has been facing since her younger days. The ‘problem’ of not being able to smile wide, she told me when I saw her for the first time in our Menara Raja Laut branch :). She was indeed a very humorous young lady.

Faten found us through the blog and made an appointment with me for a consultation. Being an educator who has to face a big number of people everyday, I totally understood when Faten told me she has never smiled wide for many years, ashamed of the gaps she had between her upper front teeth.

The gaps were easy to close. Faten only needed 4 composite veneers which can be easily done in less than an hour. She was very delighted to know that these composite veneers can be done in less than an hour, very affordable and most importantly…painless! We got started with the veneers immediately.

I gave the final touch to the veneers and handed over the mirror to Faten, eagerly waiting to see how is she going to express her surprise on her makeover. “Wow Doctor! I didn’tFaten after know my teeth could look as nice as this! I certainly didn’t expect this  kind of result,” she giggled happily.

Oh yes, the veneers did make a lot of difference for Faten, not only to her smile but to her self confidence too. She was smiling away widely while making the settlement at the reception just before leaving the clinic.

Of course I will be seeing Faten again in 4 months time for her regular check-up and scaling as a simple maintenance for her veneers as well as her oral health. I am sure that her smile will be as wide as after she got  the makeover done, no doubt!

So until then smile Faten, smile…see you soon! 🙂

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