Amalina’s gets her new smile: Dr Mawarni

Amalina came with her twin sister. She bumped into us in the blog after searching for solutions of her problem on the internet.

After reading through our makeover stories, she found there were some patients who had similar problem as she was having. So, she made appointment with us for makeover consultation.

Before makeover

Amalina was the last patient of the day. I thanked her and apologized at the same time for keeping her waiting. Both of them were sweet and seemed shy.

As she smiled, she asked me, “Can these gaps be closed? How much would it cost me?”

Those are the most common questions asked by our patients.

I smiled and reassured her, “Of course dear. In fact we can do it today.”

I proposed to her to do 4 composite veneers and mentioned about the cost.

“Can I just do the 2 center teeth first?” she asked.

After makeover

“Sure, no problem. It will look much nicer if you do 4 though since we can balance the shape of the teeth and make your smile more even,” I explained.

As I worked on her teeth, I chatted with her elder twin sister, Elliyana. She was not as shy as Amalina. She was interested to fix her teeth as well.

In about an hour, Amalina looked at her new smile for the first time. Initially, she was not satisfied with the shape. She claimed that they were too long.

After I had made minor adjustment, she looked again through the mirror. This time she smiled ear to ear and said, “Okay!”

She went to the bigger mirror and kept staring at her new smile. She just couldn’t stop smiling and seemed very glad 😉

Before she went off, I reminded her to do another two front veneers and made appointment for Elliyana too.

As a dentist, the smile of a pleased patient is priceless. I could see that in Amalina  ;-D

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