No gaps, no stain:Dr.Kayethri

Pari before

Pari works in a local jewellery franchise in Kuala Lumpur. Pari was introduced to us by her friend, who happens to be a friend of our clinic manager, Wani. Pari made an appointment for a makeover in our Menara Raja Laut clinic as soon as she knew we create beautiful smiles everyday. 🙂

On the day of her appointment, Pari came in with the friend who introduced her to us, Sri. Pari sat on my dental chair, all smiles, with no signs of anxiousness. In other words, she came in very confident; confident that she will return with a brand new smile :).

When I asked her, what was her concern, she replied she wanted to close the gaps she had between her upper front teeth and she wanted to ‘remove’ the yellow discolouration she had on one of her center teeth. I explained to her that her concerns can be addressed simply by doing 4 composite veneers. ” How much would it cost to remove the yellow stain on my tooth Doctor?’ she asked, curious. I simply smiled and told her that the stain and the gaps can be ‘covered’ together with the same veneers and there will be no additional charges apart from the veneers.

So I started first by doing a scaling for Pari, to make sure that her teeth are squeaky clean and ready to receive the veneers. The veneering process did not take more than an hour. The gaps and the yellow stain

Pari after

 were no longer there. Instead of giving her the mirror, I asked Sri to take a peek first at Pari’s new smile. He simply responded with one word, “Amazing!”. Pari was now very eager to look at her ‘new’ set of teeth.

Pari couldn’t stop smiling whe she looked at herself in the mirror. ” I look different,” she said smiling. “Oh yes you do. You will feel different too for a few days, now that I have closed all the ‘toll gates’. Just give yourself some time to adapt to your veneers,” I joked and reminded her.

I gave Pari the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of her smile makeover and bid her farewell. I reminded her about her 4 monthly check-up and scaling which is essential to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

 A smile makeover can be life changing for some and we at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah feel honoured to be a part of that experience of yours. Creating beautiful smiles everyday!

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7 years ago

Dear Madam,
I have a gap between my front teeth. I would like consult a dentist on how to fix this gap with porcelain veneers.May i know how much will it cost me and can I come on Saturdays?Thank you.