A Beautiful Smile For A Beautiful Lady : Dr. Dini

Fauziah Dental Clinic in Taman Melawati has been in operation for the past 26 years. With its long existence and good reputation, the clinic has served patients from three generations.

Diana is no different. Her whole family members are our patients, from her parents to her in laws, and her twin sister’s family. Even their daughters are our patients.

Before- uneven upper teeth

Diana’s twin sister did a makeover many years ago with Doctor Fauziah. She mentioned this to me and wondered if I could do the same makeover for her.

I said “Of course, I can help you get a straighter looking teeth. Let’s start with scaling and polishing.”

“Okay,” she replied.

Right after I finished with the scaling and polishing, I explained the treatment options. Then, I did the composite veneer mock-up for Diana so that she could imagine the final outcome of the treatment.

She only needed four veneers on her upper teeth to improve her smile. She smiled happily after I finished with the mock-up.

She asked me,”When can we do this doctor?”

“We can do this now” I replied.

Unfortunately, Diana was in a rush to go somewhere with her family and she made another appointment for her makeover.

She came last Wednesday during her lunch break to do the makeover.

Before we started she asked me how long will it take and I replied,” You will have a straighter teeth in less than an hour”

“Okay, let’s start Doctor. I can’t wait to see my new smile,” she said excitedly.

Exactly, 40 minutes later, I passed her the mirror. She looked so happy as she grinned ear to ear.

A straighter teeth in less than an hour later

“Wow!!! I love it doctor,” she told me.

It was whiter and straighter like she always dreamt of.

Before Diana went off, I reminded her to keep flashing her new smile.

“Yes I will Doctor. Thank you,” she said.

A beautiful smile for a beautiful lady.

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