Hasni’s Long Awaited Smile : Dr. Dini

Before-Bulky and yellowish crown

Hasni was introduced to us by her friend, who happens to be one of our patient in Taman Melawati. Her friend asked her to checked out our website after she complaint that she was not satisfied with the treatment given by her previous dentist.

After reading through our makeover stories,posted by me and my colleague, she convinced that we could help her achieved her dream smile. So, she made an appointment with us for a makeover consultation.

Hasni has a friendly and bubbly personality. On the day of her appointment, she was all smiles and chatty. Yet, I could sense her nervousness.

Once seated on the dental chair,  I asked her, what was her concern. Instead of replying my question, she pointed to her left upper canine.

“Wow, that’s one huge canine you’ve got there !” I told her.

“Yup !!!! and I hate it” she said.

“Please tell me you can fix this and make it nicer” she added.

I smiled  and reassured her at the same time. I also explained to her that I need to do the routine examination before giving her the best treatment option.

Hasni had bridges done on her right and left upper teeth. Unfortunately the right and left canine abutment (that is the tooth that holding the bridge) was far too big compared to the tooth next to it. The colour too was more yellowish than her natural teeth. I can understand why she hated it and wanted to replace it with a more natural looking size and shade.

Hasni explained to me, that she already requested the previous dentist to change the bridge. The dentist did changed the bridge TWICE! But the result was the same. Hasni was very frustrated, hence when her friend suggested our clinic to her, she immediately called us and made an appointment.

After listening to her stories, I explained to her few treatment options that would suited her best. One, was to redo the whole 4 unit bridge and a veneer on her upper left lateral tooth. Upon hearing this, she asked me for another option since she had a budget to stick to. Her second option was only to change the canine abutment to a porcelain veneer and a composite veneer on her lateral tooth. She chose the second option.

This was a month ago. Because of her busy and tight schedule, I only manage to fit in her veneer last Saturday. But it was worth a wait. Hasni was very happy with her new look.

Hasni's new smile. Less bulky canine

“So, let’s do the composite veneer on your lateral tooth” I said

“Ermm… can I not do that doctor? I kind of like this tucked in tooth and I think I’m in love with this new smile I have” she replied.

I laughed and said “Yes! we can do that”

Beauty is in the eye of beholder and it is subjective.. After all, in our clinic our aim is to fulfil the patient’s wish.

After permanently cemented the porcelain veneer, I explained to Hasni on how to take care her bridge. She had one last look in the mirror and said ” Thank you doctor. You did a wonderful job. I’m beyond happy”

Hearing this from a patient just made my day. I’m so glad I can help her achieved her dream smile.

Keep on smiling Hasni and thanks for trusting us.

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