Two veneers, huge difference: Dr Nik

It was Farid’s first visit to our clinic. His appoinment was set up by his wife who is our current patient. His wife had visited us a few times and this time she brought En Farid and her three children for normal dental check up.

I did initial check up and general dental treatment (fillings and scaling) on the children and finally it was Farid’s turn to get his teeth checked. I could not help but immediately talk about cosmetics fillings once he was seated on the dental chair.

Before-uneven front teeth

As you can see, Farid had a pronounced, uneven upper front teeth that I would say will draw peoples’ attention to it. By doing veneers I can help to make it look straighter and even.I proposed that we do 4 veneers on the upper teeth to get good result.

I also did teeth mock up to roughly show Farid how his teeth will look with the veneers. Amazed by the vast difference, Farid agreed with the plan.

Since Farid was rushing to go to another place he requested me to do scaling first and he will come back on a later date to do the veneers together with his eldest son who needed an extraction.

So I did his scaling and we set for him another appointment for the veneers.

I saw Farid again a week later and I was eager to do his makeover. The initial plan was to do 4 veneers but he requested me to do only on the centre two teeth first. He will come back for another two in a few months time.

It was quite easy veneers to do and it took me half an hour to complete the two veneers. Farid was so happy with the result and was glad that he came and visited us.

After-nicer,even teeth

“Well…you should thanked your wife for bringing you here,” I said.

“Yes….she had told me a couple of times to come here for treatment…I just didn’t listen,” he said.

Well I’m glad that he came and had the opportunity to improve his smile….it did make a lot of difference, didn’t it?

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10 years ago

Im looking for this. How much the cost for composite like farid did?