Fear no more: Dr.Kayethri

Before: Fractured tooth before the crowning

Madam Ruzi is a regular patient of mine. She is an elegant , fashionable businesswoman who is always in a hurry. Confident and charismatic….but as many, she always fears the dentist! 😉

Madam Ruzi has a heavy bite; which makes her upper front teeth which was filled many times, easily fracture. I have many times advised her to do porcelain crowns for the two front teeth, but she always refused. One day Madam Ruzi called the Menara Raja Laut clinic and made an appointment to see me. When she walked in, she showed me her front teeth, which at that point, not only the filling was fractured but along with her natural teeth! What a bummer! The good news was she was still able to restore the fractured tooth with porcelain crowns, as porcelain crowns are stronger and as beautiful as natural teeth.

I started the teeth preparation for the 2 front teeth and within an hour, I was already finishing with her temporary crowns which she will be using for a week until the permanent

After: Two beautiful crowns on the upper front teeth

crowns are ready. The next day when I checked on Madam Ruzi, she delightedly told me that she hardly felt anything after the teeth preparation for the crowns. Ahaaaa…..that’s great news, because now, Madam Ruzi would have overcome her fear of dental treatment, at least most of them! 🙂

A week after that she came for the final fitting of the permanent crowns. She was very happy to see the result as the crowns really looked like her own teeth. What I was happy to see was, she was more relaxed this time, as what she thought as a tough procedure was as a matter of fact, a simple one after all.

Madam Ruzi left the clinic, happy, promising that she will be back for her regular check-ups and scaling every 4 months as always.

What makes me love my job very much, is we at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah strive to change public’s perception about dentists and dental treatments , everyday.

No more fear Madam Ruzi. 🙂

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