Nizam gets his surprise smile: Dr Mawarni

Nizam came for the first time complaining of pain at his left 3rd molar tooth. He never been to any dental check up before.

Nizam is a loving father of two and works at TNB as an auxiliary police. He appeared on that day looking sad due to the pain.

After a thorough check up, Nizam needed urgent minor oral surgery to remove his problematic wisdom tooth, some fillings and scaling.

Before: Notice the gap?

I also noticed a gap at his front teeth. We scheduled him for another visit and gave him medication to reduce his symptoms prior to the surgery.
The surgery went smoothly and Nizam came for his post-surgery review.

The intentions of this review visit were to monitor Nizam’s wound healing and to remove the stitches. Nizam claimed that he only felt bearable pain for 2 days after the surgery.

Nizam’s wound healing was fine. No wonder he looked more energetic and cheerful compared to his previous visits. 😀

After I removed the stitches, I couldn’t help but offer him to close the gap at his front teeth.

“Would you like these gaps to be closed, Nizam?” I asked him.

“How is that possible, Doctor?” he asked me back.

“It is very simple. I can do it now in about half an hour.” I replied.

Then, I showed him our makeover album and explained some more regarding the gap closure. Nizam just needed half veneer at his 2 center (central incisors) teeth.

Nizam was very concern of his image. After listening to my explanation, he agreed with my proposal.

After about 30 minutes, I handed Nizam the mirror to look at his surprise smile.

“Wah, I look different,” he said.

“You look better dear,” his wife added.

After: No more gap!

Nizam was a little bit concern as he thought that his teeth looks a bit bigger than usual, he also felt different.

I did some minor adjustment. After the 2nd look, he was satisfied with his new smile. He still said that it felt strange.

“Don’t worry Nizam. That’s a normal feeling. You will have to adapt with your new teeth now. Just let us know if you have any problem. You can come for adjustment at any time. We are just a phone call away ;-),” I reassured him.

On the next day, I gave Nizam a call to ask about his condition regarding the treatment.

“I feel better, Doctor. You are right. It’s just a matter of adapting with the new filling. Thank you for your call,” he said.

I reminded him to come for his routine 6 months check up. I also requested him to like our Facebook page, “Dentist Malaysia” to receive updates about our clinic and to show support to our service. Nizam ‘liked’ it.

Thanks to you too Nizam 🙂 .

What about you? Have you like our Facebook page too?

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