A dream come true: Dr.Kayethri

Ita before; with her denture

Ita found us through the blog. She works in the administration department of a teaching institution. Ita has been ‘compromising’ with an unattractive denture for years and finally decided to look for an alternative for it. It took Ita some time to save up for the alternative she was looking for, and when she did she immediately contacted us to check-out what we have to offer.

Ita is a very quiet and calm person in nature. When I saw her for the first time during her consultation appointment, Ita expressed that she wanted to replace her front dentures to

 something ‘fixed’ to her teeth. Ita had 2 missing upper teeth in the middle and had very small space for ideal sized central incisors. Her current denture was overlapping the adjacent teeth, giving an unpleasant look. It was a challenging case.

 I laid out the options she had, including porcelain bridge and implants. Ita decided to go for the bridge as it was within her budget.Ita needed a 4 unit bridge. You

Ita after; with her bridge

 see, in a bridge, usually you need a minimum of 1 teeth at each side of the missing tooth to hold the replacement tooth. Then the bridge will be stable on biting.

I scheduled Ita for another day to start working on the bridge as it was late for us and her to start immediately on the same day. Ita came in for her bridge appointment as promised. I started her teeth preparation for the bridge and after slightly more than an hour, the dentures were replaced with a beautiful temporary bridge. She will have to be on a temporary bridge for a week until her permanent bridge is done. Ita was very pleased with the temporary bridge and went back happy.

After a week, Ita’s permanent bridge arrived and we scheduled an appointment to fix it in. The permanent bridge fitted in nicely and looked very natural on her. Ita was very happy with the final outcome that she just smiled and said “Very nice Doctor”.

I reminded Ita before going back that she can drop by any time if she needs my assistance, and also to come back every 4 months for her regular check-up and scaling.

Ita’s determination to have a change in her life didn’t only gave her dream smile, but something comfortable too. Well done Ita!

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