Hidayah’s new smile: Dr Nik

Hidayah is a very beautiful and attractive young lady who has always wanted to improve her smile. From her past experience with dentists, she learnt that she has an abnormal shape right upper lateral incisor and she’s aware that she has gaps in between her teeth.

Before-Gap and abnormal shape tooth

Thinking that her teeth can only be corrected with braces, she kept on procrastinating the treatment since she’s not too keen in having one. Luckily for her, she came across our website while surfing the net and was delighted to see the cases that we’ve done before. She knew that there’s other way to correct her teeth and instantly called us up for an appointment.

“I want to close up the gaps and make this tooth looks more natural Doctor” Hidayah said pointing at her right lateral incisor as soon as I seated her on the chair. “Well..let me have a look at your teeth first and I’ll see what I can do to help you Hidayah” I said.

As I was checking her teeth I already planned out what I’ll do to beautify her teeth and I did a mock up. I explained to her that closing the gaps will be quite straight forward and easy but shaping and modifying her right lateral incisor will be challenging.

After-pretty girl with nicer teeth

I passed a mirror and showed Hidayah the mock up that I did and she instantly smiled and said yes to the makeover.

As usual I started off with the two central teeth and moved to the side ones as I progressed. After about an hour and a half, I completed her makeover and handed her a mirror. Hidayah smiled wider than before and this is because the actual one is of course much nicer than the mock up.

Hidayah thanked me and she was glad that she came across our blog. Now she has her dream smile and I reminded her to come regularly for her dental check up.

See you in six months time Hidayah!

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