Fahmi and his new smile: Dr Mawarni

Fahmi walked into our clinic recently. Unlike most of our patients, he did not found us through blog. A friend of his mother recommended him to visit us.

As he sat on the dental chair, I could sense that he was breathing faster than normal.

“Are you okay, Fahmi?” I asked, feeling concern.

“I’m fine, Doctor. I had difficulty in finding the clinic just now, so I was a bit tired,” he explained.

The reason I asked him was because some patients are very phobia of coming to see the dentist.

Phobia and dental anxiety may lead to hyperventilation or increase in heart and breathing rate too! In such case, patient needs extra care and different management.

“I see. I thought you are nervous. So how can I help you?” I asked again.

Before: Notice the grey shadow at the 2 central teeth?

“Actually I came to fix my front teeth. I already had fillings done on them before. However, I’m still not satisfied with these shadows,” he explained whilst pointing at his two central incisors teeth.

Fahmi had a history of fall and broke his upper central front teeth. Fortunately, he had never experienced any pain from the incident. The fillings were done about a year ago.

After a thorough dental examination, I came to conclusion that Fahmi needs to redo the fillings and do 4 veneers to make the teeth look less protruding and even nicer!

The shadow or discoloration of old fillings was a sign that the filling had microleakage. Bacteria had seeped through the leakage and caused recurrent decay.

I showed him the makeover albums and explained to him about the composite veneers. Fahmi was ready to do the makeover. He immediately agreed with my proposal.

Since he came without appointment and there were appointment patients waiting, I requested Fahmi to reschedule appointment on the same day but in the afternoon. Fahmi understood our situation and was willing to wait.

After: No more shadow and less protruding smile!

It took me slightly more than an hour to complete the treatment.

Fahmi was a man with very few words. When he looked through the mirror, he just smiled.

“How is it? Are you satisfied?” I asked.

“Yes Doctor,” he answered, short and simple.

“You are given 30 days guarantee for this treatment. You can come to fix your veneer within that time without any cost of course. Meanwhile you can eat whatever you want except for stone or wood okay,” I said, joking. 😉

I bid him farewell and thanked him for being such an understanding patient.

I love all my patients. 🙂

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7 years ago

Hello Dr, can u pls email me? I would like to know about wearing braces.