Ros gets her dream smile: Dr Mawarni

Ros was the first patient that arrived last Thursday. She was referred by her colleague named Zarina to our clinic. Zarina’s son, Fahmi just had his makeover done with us recently and was satisfied with the result.

Ros works as the head of nurse in Institute of Respiratory Medicine. She educates the newly graduated nurses before they are posted to the government hospital. She took that day off just to do her dental makeover.

Ros was very conscious with her smile as she always give talks. She always wanted to have a straighter, well-aligned teeth.

She had went to several clinics and their only option was braces. Ros never wanted to wear braces as it will take longer time and she doesn’t want people to notice that train-track brackets on her teeth.

Before: Uneven smile

“My friend Zarina told me that this clinic can create straighter teeth without having to wear braces? In my case, can it be done Doctor?” she asked whilst showing her smile to me.

“Yes, Puan Ros, that’s true,” I said.

After a thorough examination, I laid the treatment options for her. Ros had 2 options to improve her smile.

She could opt for 6 composite veneers which was from canine to canine. Another option was 6 unit bridges and extraction of her 2 retruded lateral incisors.

The advantages and disadvantages of each option were explained to her. After considering the options, it didn’t take long for Ros to choose the composite veneers. However, she only wanted to do the four front teeth.

After about an hour, I handed Ros the mirror to look at her new smile.

After: Straighter smile

“Nice Doctor! Thank you,” she smiled ear to ear.

Ros also needed scaling and polishing. She agreed to do it on the same day.

As a dentist, it is important to ensure that patients’ overall oral health is in good condition. In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we don’t just create beautiful smile, we take great care of your oral health too! 😉

Before she left, I gave her ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures as gifts.

“Aww, is this for me? Thanks again,” she said, looking touched.

I reminded Ros to come for her follow up treatment and like our Facebook page. 🙂

See you soon Ros!

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