Fara’s journey: Dr Mawarni

Fara works in Muammalat Bank near Masjid Jamek. She was referred by her friend to our clinic. She had browsed through our blog pages and eventually made appointment with us.

BeforeThis sweet young lady knew what she wanted. She had always dream of having a nice, straight whiter teeth.

“Doctor, I am interested to do teeth whitening,” she said.

“Great, sure,” I replied, feeling more than happy to help her.

Fara was explained on everything she needs to know about teeth whitening.

I did full mouth scaling and polishing prior to whitening. This is to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure. Teeth whitening should only be done on clean teeth!

After about one and a half hours, Fara was so happy to see the result. Her teeth turned to about 4 shades lighter!

Fara was scheduled for another appointment to fix her chipped and slightly uneven front teeth.

After: Whiter and natural look

She needed two half veneers to fix the midline gap and one composite veneer in addition of 2 normal fillings at her back teeth.

It took me about an hour to complete all her treatment that day.

“Nice… Pretty. I like it!” Fara said whilst looking at her new smile.

I was overjoyed to hear her response. 🙂

“Do I have to come again for any treatment?” she asked.

“Yes, see you in another 6 months for your next routine check up okay. Just give us a call if you have any problem.” I replied.

Fara was surprised when I told her that I was 5 months pregnant as my baby bump was not obvious at all.

“Thanks Doctor and good luck for the delivery,” she added as I bid her goodbye.

Thanks to you too Fara! 😉

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