Hanis gets her surprise makeover: Dr Mawarni

Dental fillings may discolored with time. It is a logical phenomenon as we eat variety of food with different colours and flavours everyday.


Another reason for tooth filling discoloration can be due to microleakage as well. Microleakage  means the filling has become defective. The leakage allows the bacteria to invade the tooth which eventually will lead to recurrent decay.

Hanis dropped by at our clinic to fix this problem. She was not satisfied with the changes in the color of her two front teeth’s filling.

I noticed that Hanis had uneven front teeth especially the two central incisors.

“Have you ever feel conscious to smile due to this uneven shape and size of your teeth?” I asked, just wanted to know whether the matter that I highlighted had ever concern her besides the color changes.

“Yes Doctor, a little bit,” she replied.

“You know what, I can change the discolored filling and also improve your smile. That will only happen by your permission of course,” I said.

I continued to explain to her regarding her options to recontour her teeth by using composite veneers. Since Hanis works in TNB (which happened to be our panel company), all the basic treatment will be covered by her company except for cosmetics or appliances such as dentures and bridges. Hanis will need to add to the treatment cost herself.

After: Notice the difference?

After listening to my explanation and browsing through our makeover ‘before’ and ‘after’ album, she agreed to my treatment proposal without much hesitation. She had decided to do the two central incisors as those were the teeth that concerned her the most.

In just 20 minutes, I managed to complete the veneers and handed her the mirror.

Hanis smiled and nodded a few times whilst looking through the mirror. She was a girl with only few words I must say. The look of satisfaction on her face says it all 😉

There’s a story behind every smile, I’m glad I could be a part of hers.  Don’t you think Hanis was happy? I’m sure she was 🙂

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