A boost for a dedicated mom: Dr.Kayethri

Anna before

Anna is a mother of 2 active boys. Her family members are my regular patients especially the 2 boys. Though Anna always brings in the boys for their check-ups, she hardly has time to do her own. Being a working mom, she always gave priority to her family first before herself. Thus when I found that a makeover would give her a lift in her spirit from her hectic routine, I was more than delighted.

What Anna had was 2 of her upper front teeth were slightly jutting out and her 2 lateral incisors( next to the centers) were ‘pushed back’. Her upper front teeth were also fan shaped, giving an unattractive look. You see, even teeth need their ‘curves’ for you to have a sexy smile :). A simple makeover using composite veneers will make her have ‘straighter’ teeth with beautiful shapes, and all she needed were 4 of them for her upper front teeth.

Anna agreed immediately. On the day of her makeover, I showed Anna some of the before and after pictures of the patients I did makeovers on before. She was

Anna after

surprised but still curious how the results looked so natural and beautiful. I smiled at her and told her to give me 40 minutes to do the same on her.

The composite veneers were done in no time and when I handed over the mirror to Anna, her eyes were wide open out of disbelief. ‘Now I know how your other patients got their beautiful smiles Doctor. I look so different and my teeth look so much straighter and nicer now ”  she said smiling.

Well Anna , you needed this boost for all the hard work you have puting for your two young boys and I am honoured to give it to you. Until I see you again Anna :).

Happy Mother’s Day for all the dedicated mothers out there!

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