Kila Finally Completed Her Makeover : Dr. Dini


Kila came few months ago for a makeover ( see Kila’s new smile  : Dr. Dini). Since she had a budget to stick to, she requested to straighten her upper teeth first, and she made another appointment for the lower teeth.

She came last week to fulfill  her dream smile. She was all smiles and there was not a trace of nervousness on her face.

“You look happy” I said.

“Yes, I can’t wait for the makeover doctor. Plus I’m no longer scared ” she replied.

Kila needed only 4 veneers on her lower teeth to achieve her dream smile.

“Okay, let’s start doctor” she said eagerly.

A more well aligned teeth in less than one hour!

I was so pleased to hear that.

40 minutes later, I handed her a mirror. She looked so happy and pleased. She grinned ear to ear.

“Exactly like I always imagine” she added.

“Now, your makeover is completed Kila” I told her.

“Yes doctor. I can’t wait to flaunt my new smile to my family and friends” she said.

Kila left the clinic happily, promising that she will be back for her regular dental check- ups every 6 months.

What makes me love my job very much is, besides creating beautiful smiles, at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah we strive to change public’s perception about dentists and dental treatment.

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