Kasmariah’s new beautiful smile: Dr Mawarni

Kasmariah came to our clinic for the first time a few months ago for her routine dental check up. She was referred by Fazilah, her sister who is also our regular patient.

Kasmariah is a very friendly and sweet looking lady. As she sat on the dental chair and smiled, I couldn’t help but noticed her jutting out and uneven smile. Her two central incisors were also chipped off at the edge.

As a dentist, my subconscious mind has been programmed to look at people’s smile at our first glance! It’s just comes naturally 😀

Before: Uneven smile

Kasmariah main concern was to fix the cavities that she had. She had experienced tooth sensitivity at lower left side.

After a thorough examination, I laid down the treatments that she needed. She needed scaling and a few fillings to seal the cavities.

“Have you ever feel the need to improve your smile,” I asked. My intention was to know whether she was concern with her current smile.

“Yes Doctor. I feel a bit shy to smile. Is there any way to make it nicer?” she said.

I explained about her treatment options to fix the smile. She could opt to do conventional braces to retrude her jutting out upper teeth and straightened her crowded teeth. She could also choose to do composite veneers to make it look straighter.

Kasmariah didn’t want to do conventional braces since it will take about 2 years to complete the treatment. Hence, she had decided to opt for composite veneers as it could be done within a single visit.

Kasmariah chief complaint was attended first. She was scheduled for the makeover appointment after I completed all her other treatments.

At her recent makeover appointment, she seemed anxious and started to ask me a lot of questions.

After: A natural, straighter smile

“Will it hurt, Doctor? Are you sure the outcome will be okay?” she asked with a nervous tone and expression.

“No, it won’t hurt you. In fact, I need to do extra work to cause you pain and will charge you extra for that! You are not allowed to go home until you are satisfied with the outcome. Don’t worry dear..” I reassured her ;-).

I re-explained the treatment procedure and showed her our makeover ‘before’ and ‘after’ album to calm her down.

As I worked on her teeth, she seemed more relax as the procedure was painless as promised :-).

“You will like your new smile,” I said as I was about to make the final polishing.

“Really Doctor?” she couldn’t wait to see her new smile.

Intan, my dental assistant handed her the mirror. Initially, she wasn’t happy with the length of the teeth. After some minor adjustment, she looked again through the mirror.

“Let’s look through the bigger mirror. Are you happy now?” I asked.

“I’m happy Doctor! This looks so much nicer than my old smile. Thank you” she added with a pleased tone.

She looked more delighted and touched when I gave her ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures for her to keep.

Till we meet again Kasmariah! Thanks for choosing us!

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