A worthwhile trip from Australia: Dr.Kayethri

Alan is from Australia and came to Malaysia to visit his friend, Sudha’s family, and to have a good vacation. His friend happened to be our regular patient who brought him to us for a check-up. Alan wanted to make his vacation worthwhile by getting his smile improved as well. Well he could do it back in Australia, but it would have cost him a bomb.

Alan before

When Alan walked in to the treatment room, he was prepared with a ‘to-do list’ in his hands :). He had quite a number of questions and requests. I spent a good amount of time with him, answering in detail each and every one of his question.

Alan was not very happy with his current condition of his teeth. First he was complaining that he often gets food stuck in between his teeth though he cleans them diligently everyday, and the cleaning procedure was not very easy and smooth. When I had a look, I found a few of his fillings had overhanging margins ( overfilled beyond the teeth margin) which made the cleaning process difficult, and  can be sorted out easily by some adjustments. Alan was delighted to hear that. He also needed a couple of crowns. Apart from all this basic needs, Alan wanted a brighter smile.

I suggested him to do  Zoom! whitening followed by 4 composite veneers for his upper front teeth to fix the chipped teeth edges and to give a more even and nicer surface. Alan has

Alan after

grinding habit at night ( bruxism), thus I advised him to get a mouth guard immediately after the composite veneers to prevent it from chipping. The force produced during teeth grinding can cause extensive damages to the natural teeth and any dental work in the mouth, thus a mouthguard is needed for protection.

I started with the Zoom!whitening and proceeded with the 4 composite veneers. The whole process took slightly more than 2 hours. Alan was so surprised with his new smile that he asked for my permission to go out to the waiting room to show off his smile to his friend, Sudha who had got a makeover for herself a couple of years back. She was just smiling , not so shocked with the transformation as she knew he’d be satisfied with our treatment!

I finished all Alan ‘s dental work within a week and a half. He was very pleased with out treatment and promised to come back every year for his check-up when he comes down for his annual visit to Malaysia.

Another satisfied patient who became our friend. Isn’t that wonderful, being able to make friends while at work ? 🙂

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