A pretty smile for a pretty lady: Dr Mawarni

Marcil, a young lady from the Philipines, is a first year physiotherapy student at KL Metropolitan University (KLMU). Since the location of the campus is very near to our clinic, Marcil came to know about the existence of our clinic after she came across our signboard in Menara Raja Laut .

Before: Gaps seen when she smiled

She came for the first time about a month ago for normal routine check up and cleaning. At her first visit Dr Fauziah had recommended her to close the gaps at her front teeth. So, she agreed to make another appointment  to rectify the problems.

Marcil is a petite and stylish young lady. She looked younger than her actual age. As she sat on the dental chair, I greeted her and asked about her concern.

“I am not happy with these gaps, Doctor. I just did my scaling and I think it gets dirty again. I am not happy with the color of my teeth as well,” she said, sound disappointed and hopeful at the same time.

I noticed the gaps were more prominent at her right upper and lower front teeth. She also had slight chipped at her two central upper teeth.

I took her ‘before’ smile pictures and showed to her as I explained about her treatment options.

“Well, if you are unhappy with the color, we have Zoom! Whitening to fix the problem. As for the gaps, you need 6 composite veneers to close them all. 4 teeth for the upper and 2 teeth for the lower gaps.”

“Can everything be done today?” she asked.

“If you decide to do both whitening and gaps closure, it is possible to do today. However, it is advisable you do whitening procedures first. This is because the final shade of your teeth after whitening will act as a guiding color for the veneers.”

After a second thought, Marcil had made up her mind. She had decided to do only the gaps closure by veneers. We started to do the veneers immediately.

I handed her the mirror after my final touch of the makeover.

After:A natural looking smile, no more gaps!

“Wow, nice. Did you actually put something on my teeth?” she looked surprised.

“Yes, of course. I did put composite, the tooth-colored material onto your teeth and contoured them as I mentioned earlier. It looks very natural right?”

“Yes! It looks so much nicer now. Thank you Doctor!” she said happily.

“You can eat anything except for stones, wood and steel dear. Oh yes, you have 30 days warranty to have the veneers adjusted at no cost. We are just a phone call away!” I reassured her.

Marcil finally gets her dream smile.

Creating beautiful smiles for people is a really fulfilling job for me! 😀

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