A new smile for the groom-to-be: Dr Mawarni

Izzat came to Menara Raja Laut branch last week. He dropped by our clinic without an appointment. He was accompanied by his sister, Jannah who is our patient too.

Jannah had her makeover done with Dr Kayethri about a year ago. Jannah was satisfied with the makeover outcome. So, she recommended her brother to do dental makeover with us as well.

I was a bit busy when they arrived, So Lynn our clinic manager advised them to go for lunch first and come back around 12pm.

I apologized to them for having to wait as we gave priority to our appointment patients first. However, we will do our best to attend to all our patients’ needs and limit their waiting time.

Before: Notice the discolored teeth?

“So how can I help you, Izzat?” I asked as he sat comfortably on the dental chair.

“I woud like to fix my front teeth Doctor, can you see the color changes?” he said whilst pointing at his two front teeth.

Izzat had 2 composite fillings done about a year ago and he wasn’t happy with the outcome. Since he will be getting married soon, he had decided to take that day off to fix his smile.

Both of them works in the health care setting. Jannah works in IJN, while Izzat works as a lab technician in Malaya University Hospital or better known as PPUM.

Izzat needed 2 full composite veneers, and 2 half veneers to have a better smile. Since he was about to get married, I had decided to give discount for the half veneers and charged as normal filling instead. 😉

I did a full mouth scaling for him first. It took me about an hour to complete his makeover. I chatted with Jannah whilst doing his makeover. Izzat is lucky to have such a supportive and caring sister!

Izzat was smiling so happily when he looked at his new smile..

After: No more discolouration!

“You have a more ‘tidy’ smile now Izzat,” Jannah commented.

“Are you satisfied dear?” I asked.

He nodded his head and continued smiling.

“You looked like Anuar Zain (the local singer) now,” I joked with him. 😉

“I will print your ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures as memories and so that you can appreciate the differences,” I added.

I thanked them again for their patience and understanding.

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to improve his smile for his big day.

May you have a smooth sailing wedding preparation, Izzat!

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