Ken get’s his Makeover: Dr Fauziah

Ken's smile before we started

I have been friends with Ken for the last 13 years. I guess 13 must be a lucky number in this case as, though week in and week out, I have been showcasing our makeovers during our Ampang Chapter BNI meeting. somehow Ken never quite made the time to get his makeover done!

Ken is our very busy accountant. He has been doing our accounts for the last few years and it was during a visit to the clinic to finalise the accounts that he asked, “Do you have time to do a scaling and polishing for me?” Of course I did …

After the routine clean-up, as he admired his squeaky clean teeth he said, “You know I have always wanted to ask you about my crooked lower teeth. They’re so difficult to clean. Do you think you could do something to make them easier to clean?”

I laughed and said, “Ken! Are you finally asking me to do your makeover?”

He grinned and said, “Yes, do you think it can be done?”

I laughed at this in delight. “Ken … get ready to be amazed!!” 😉

And so we started ….

It was so, so easy to do. Really! I have been doing this sort of work for the last 20 years! The only thing was, I didn’t want to make his smile too different.

Ken's brand new confident smile

Ken still had to have his trademark big smile but I was going to make it look neater and more confident.

We started with his upper teeth first and in less than 20 minutes I was done. “I’m done with the upper teeth … was there any pain at all?”

“Nope … I am fine,” he said “but you are going to do the lower teeth too aren’t you?”

I was teasing him as I knew he thought the lower teeth were impossible to do with just composite veneers. “Yes, yes, I have not forgotten … I did say it will take about 45 minutes to do them all … it’s only been 20 minutes so I have plenty of time left.” I teased him.

Ken settled back and I began the transformation of his lower teeth.

As promised, when my time was up 😉 I stopped and passed him the mirror.

“I don’t believe it! I have seen so many photos of your work over these years every week and yet even then when I see my own makeover I can hardly believe it!” Ken said as he stared into the mirror.

It was such a delight to see how happy he was!

And the very next day, he made an appointment for his mother and father to see us!

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