Didi gets her makeover at last: Dr Fauziah

Didi before

Didi works as a makeup artist for RTM. Didi’s job is to make anchormen and women look good for the TV cameras!

Last week Didi asked his friend Mimi for our contact numbers. “I wanted to get my dream smile for the Hari Raya celebrations.” You see, many years ago Mimi had done a makeover and now Didi wanted one too!

I explained to Didi that though I could ‘bring forward’ the tooth that was tucked at the back in his upper teeth with composite veneers, the results wouldn’t be very nice as the neck of the tooth would look too short.

In just one hour

“For the makeover to look really nice, Didi, I suggest we do a bridge.” I told him

“The nicest results would mean you will have to remove that tooth and I’ll use the two front teeth as part of the bridge …. this means you will correct all three teeth at the same time!” I said.

“Don’t worry though …. I promise you will leave the clinic with a beautiful smile! I’ll make sure the temporary bridge will be absolutely beautiful.” I promised.

Didi and I discussed my treatment plans as I drew out in detail what I intended to do.

As we were about to start Mimi arrived to give Didi moral support … after all what are friends for? 😉

Mimi and I chatted whilst I worked.

Before the makeover

In just an hour I was done!

Mimi was so excited …. “Wow! Didi you are going to be smiling none stop!” Mim said with a laugh.

I passed the mirror to Didi for his first look at his brand new smile.

“I can’t believe it! It’s so nice” Didi said.

“Now all we need to do is wait for about a month for the wound to heal. Then I will take the final impressions for the permanent bridge.” I reminded him.

Looking good!

“Meanwhile, you can eat as normal … just no bones, stones, metal and wood okay.” Both Mimi and Didi laughed.

We printed the Makeover Albums for Didi to take home and I signed the time chit for him as he was a little late for work at RTM.

“Don’t you want a medical certificate? I did remove a tooth, you know.” I said.

“Nope it’s not necessary. I’m not in pain.” Didi said whilst still looking in the mirror.

“Ha! Didi wants to show off his new smile, Dr Fauziah … ” Mimi teased Didi.

And off went two good friends.

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