Perfect 10 : Dr Nik

Mirul has everything that a young man would ever wish to have…..tall, handsome and attractive looking guy.

He almost scores a 10/10 if you asked me. The thing that make him short from the perfect score is his teeth. And the best part is he knew that his smile was less than perfect, and that was the reason he came to our clinic seeking for my advice and help to improve his smile.

Before-white and brown patches

Mirul has perfectly aligned teeth but his teeth has this patchy brown and white spots that is very prominently seen whenever he smiles. He was thinking of doing whitening to solve the problem and asked me whether that can solve his problem.

“Whitening will not solve your problem Mirul…you will still have the white and brown patches after the whitening. The best option for you is to do veneers on your teeth”

I did mock up and showed Mirul what I meant by veneers.

Mirul was amazed at how it was done but he was not sure and was not ready to do veneers. He told me that he needed time to think about doing veneers.

After- spotless white teeth!

All this while he has been thinking about whitening and was all set for a whitening session instead.

Finally Mirul called us and set an appointment to do his veneers.

I did 6 veneers on his upper front teeth and it didn’t take long for me to finish the veneers. I passed Mirul a mirror and he was so happy with his new ‘spotless’ teeth. He left our clinic with big wide smile on his face.

Now Mirul finally scored the perfect 10.

And I’m so happy that I can help him to have perfect white teeth.

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