Edd gets his long-awaited smile: Dr Mawarni

“When you become a dentist, I would like you to make my fangs more prominent!” said Edd to me during my early years of dentistry in university.


Edd is my sister’s best friend. I regard him like my own brother. We used to hang out back then. Ever since he got a job in Abu Dhabi, we rarely get the opportunity to meet up. He works as a cabin crew manager at Etihad Airways.

My sister reminded me to keep in touch with Edd and let him know that I am now ready to make his dream come true. Edd was so thrilled when I contacted him and offered the treatment. He managed to book an appointment with me during his short stop in Kuala Lumpur.

Edd was the first patient of the day. He was accompanied by his close buddy, Teq. Edd has an easy going and humorous personality. He managed to make everyone around him including me laugh at his never ending jokes.

“So what are you going to do today?” he asked me.

“As promised, I will do scaling and polishing for you and fix your canines as you wish,” I replied.

“Yeay!!! I can’t wait! This is the moment of truth!” he said enthusiastically.

Once I did scaling for him, I asked about his exact concern.

“How do you want me to shape the fang? Do you want it to appear longer, more bulbous and sharper?”

“I want it to be longer, but not like vampire-kind-of fangs,” he replied.

After: Notice the prominent canine?

“You know what, besides canines, I can fix your other front teeth as well. You will have a more even smile,” I proposed to him an additional treatment option.

Edd chose to do his canines first.

“Teq, say goodbye to my old fangs,” Edd added sound nervous and excited at the same time.

Edd and his friend loves to selfie. Teq took several pictures and video of us whilst I did his makeover. Edd kept looking through the mirror throughout the treatment. He wanted to see how the procedure was done.

“I’m done! Now you can look through the big mirror,” I said after completed his makeover.

“Yes, this is what I want! I’m happy! Who could have thought that this is really happening? Thank you Doctor Mawarni,” he giggled happily.

We bid each other farewell as Edd needed to catch a flight back to Abu Dhabi. He promised to come back for another makeover.

Edd texted me a few hours later expressing his gratitude and his satisfaction with his new appearance.

He also sent me several pictures of his new smile.

Seeing him happy and satisfied really made my day. I have fulfilled someone’s long-awaited dream. I really love my job! 😀

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