A smile makeover for confidence: Dr.Kayethri

Rohaya before

Rohaya found our clinic through the website. She booked a consultation appointment with me in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah Menara Raja Laut.

Rohaya is a fresh graduate who has just entered working world. She was young, vibrant and was eager for a change to face the challenging career world. Rohaya wanted to do something about her tucked in upper front tooth. I also noticed  her upper teeth was uneven and could be improved by a makeover.

I was quite curious and asked Rohaya if she was not at all interested to do braces. She smiled at me and said “I don’t have the patience to come numerous times and to wait for 2 year”. I explained to her the options available to give her a more dazzling smile which includes braces and composite veneers.

Rohaya was keen on composite veneers as it was within her budget and she could see the result instantly. Rohaya needed 5 composite veneers to make her teeth

Rohaya after

look straight and neat.

It took me less than an hour to complete Rohaya’s makeover and as I handed over the mirror to her to take a look, she was suprisingly quiet. “Is this what you wanted Rohaya?” I asked. “I think it’s perfect and what I exactly wanted doctor” she said. “Great, so you can smile without hesitation from now on” I assured Rohaya.

An invaluable reward for yourself would always be a perfect smile. So don’t hesitate and call us now at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah! đŸ™‚

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