A makeover for a wonderful friend: Dr Mawarni

Firuz is my sister’s friend. My sister delivered an adorable baby girl recently! So Firuz came over to our house for a visit and that’s when we met.

Firuz knew that I was a dentist, so he took the opportunity to seek my opinion regarding his smile.

He had a fall when he was a teenager and his front tooth chipped off. He was also unhappy with the jutting out appearance of his front tooth. He was not courageous enough to seek a dentist’s advice, as he had a traumatic dental experience previously.

I took pictures of his teeth and showed him as I explained about his current teeth condition. Then, I explained on the treatment options available. He agreed for an appointment at our Menara Raja Laut branch.

On the day of his appointment, he came in with his wife Sarah, as he was very nervous. I greeted him warmly and ushered him to the dental chair followed by his wife.

After he had settled down, we discussed about his treatment plan. He decided to proceed with scaling and a dental makeover using composite veneers to fix his front teeth.

Firuz showed a thumbs up sign to Sarah whilst I did his scaling as a sign that he was comfortable. I noticed he appeared more relaxed after that. I’m glad I could relieve his anxiety.

During the procedure, we had so much fun as we chatted about life and found out his wife Sarah is also expecting a baby. What a joyful coincidence, the delivery date is also very close to mine!

Sarah was excited to see the makeover result. She took several pictures of us during the procedure and kept their close friends updated in the What’s App group.

“Now you can look at your new smile!” I said after the final touch up as I handed him a mirror.


“I am more than grateful with my new look! My greatest concern is to fix the chipped off part. I have been living with my old smile for more than 10 years. You have done better than I expected. Thank you sis!” said Firuz, expressing his gratitude and happiness.

“I have a more handsome husband now!” Sarah added.

I was overjoyed with their response.

“As long as you’re happy, that’s enough for me,” I said.

I thanked Firuz and Sarah for choosing our clinic as I bid them farewell. In Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. 😀

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